Art as Games, Games as Art Forum

Sonichima – Julian Oliver (2004)
Sonichima – Music made using video games
Sound/music/field recordings/’music concrete’ composed by playing an existing game.
“Machinima (a portmanteau word for machine cinema and/or “machine” “animation”) is both a film genre and a collection of associated production techniques. The term concerns the rendering of computer-generated imagery (CGI) with ordinary PCs and the 3D engines of video games (t ypically first person shooters) in real-time (on the computer of either the creator or the viewer) rather than offline with huge render farms.”
“Artist-made video game mods are an unusual thing, for they seem to contradict their very existence: when the mod rises to the level of art, rather than a gesture of fandom- Counter-Strike was to Half-Life -then, more often than not, the game loses its rule set completely and ceases to be a game after alLI Jodi’s untitled game follows this contradictory logic when it ignores all possibility of gameplay in Quake and propels the game into fits of abstract modernism.” – Alex Galloway

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