Games: Computer Games by artists – A german exhibition
The “Games” exhibition provides a synopsis of artistic works from the last
five years that focused on the complex subject of computer games, viewing
them both in terms of formal aesthetics and media but also as a social
phenomenon. The artists who made computer games the object or indeed
part of their work have thus entered a subject area whose significance is
still underestimated. The turnover achieved with computer games has long
surpassed that of the music and film industry, and computer gaming has long
ceased to be a teenage domain. What it attempts to show is
that computer games are more complex, multi-layered media than a knee-jerk
condemnation as “shooters” would care to admit. Anyone who takes an
open-minded look at computer games will quickly discover a number of
artistic and social aspects worthy of closer scrutiny.
Computer games are equally interesting from the artistic viewpoint. Not
only do they following the technical evolution of the computer illustrate
various degrees of abstraction, from the almost non-representational early
classics such as “Breakout” or “Tempest”, to the virtual photorealism of
today’s arcade games.

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