Brody Condon

– American artist currently based in New York
– Concerned with the over-identification with fantasy in contemporary culture 
– Performative situations and video installation
– Re-contextualizes & modifies existing pop culture, historical events, other artworks
– Dark humour & unsypathetic gaze into his own unreliable post traumatic memories, works directly engage with various modes of “projection of self” into other spaces via computer and live roleplaying games, religious experience, psychoactive substances and dissociative disorders.

Youth of the Apocalypse (Part 3 of 3):
Judgment (after Memling) 2008
– non-interactive, animated recreation of the Judgment scene by Hans Memling made using current game development technology and visual styles. Shown as a projected moving image installation, when plugged into a projector and power, a custom computer automatically starts and displays the work.

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