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Troy Innocent

Urban Codemakers, 2011

– develop a visual language for urban codemaking, IDEOTAG laser cut design and connect these with a street game for the Urban Codemakers
–  Their urban renewal project sought to rezone the city through play. It consists of three guilds, street signage, 100+ blog posts, four blogs, a street game, 768 IDEOTAGs, a public demonstration, a public information video in Federation square, a series of academic articles, and three urban planning proposals for the City of Melbourne.


Troy Innocent is a media artist based in Melbourne




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Steph Thirion

Eliss, 2009
–  iphone game – transporting blobs of colour

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Mark Johns

Space Barnacle
– an ultra-violent pixellated platformer modeled in the 8-bit style
– inspired by NES games, has the alluring super-pixellation blocks with a little more modern video game violence added in




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Ian Bogost

A Slow Year

– game about meditation – goal is to observe
– a collection of four games – one for each season
– these games are neither action nor strategy: each of them requires a different kind of sedate observation and methodical input

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Tiago Martins, Ricardo Nascimento & Andreas Zingerle

Headbang Hero, 2009
– Music/dance videogame for testing and improving your headbanging prowess
–  Using a wireless motion-sensing wig as game interface, anyone – regardless of how much hair they have – can become a Headbang Hero
–  When the game ends the player receives a printed health report based on his performance analysis. Included in this report are tips on how to improve the performance and advice on how to avoid injuries.





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Martin Bricelj

Public Avatar
–  project documenting the relationship between virtual reality and our perceptions of self and society
– global audience to explore real-world locations remotely, and to interact with objects and people in those locations through real-time control of a human test subject
– available online on special events during the year
– Users will be able to see and hear what Public Avatar sees and hears via live video stream
– Public Avatar seeks to turn the virtual back into everyday reality, replacing polygons and pixels with a human being in a real-world location, albeit under computer control.

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Greg Wohlwend

with design partner, Mike Boxleiter, make up the indie video game team ‘Mikengreg’
– iPhone game Solipskier

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