Laboral’s Exhibition Trilogy

Laboral (the Center for Art and Industrial Creation) is a gallery in Gijon, Spain. Held three significant exhibitions to Game Art / Artgames;

Gameworld – 2007
Curated by Carl Goodman and Daphne Dragona
– explores video games as an art form and presents contemporary art related to video games. Via these dual lines of investigation, the exhibition explores video and computer games as entertainment, art form, agent of innovation, and cultural force.

Playware – 2007
curated by Carl Goodman
-works from artists, designers, and engineers who are probing the limits and expanding the possibilities of digitally-mediated play. The exhibition establishes a continuum between two types of works:
1) ‘multiplayer’ interactive art installations that explore, often in the form of a game, new methods of playful interaction with digital information
2) ‘art game’ software made for everyday computers and gaming systems that differ from their more commercial siblings in their use of abstract, whimsical, or surreal animated environments.

Homo Ludens Ludens – 2008
Curated by Erich Berger, Laura Baigorri and Daphne Dragona
-exploring games as a critical element in our daily lives and a speculation on the emergence of the “Homo Ludens Ludens”: the contemporary playing man. What does it mean “to play” and to be “a player”?


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