Notes from ‘Artists Re:thinking Games’

Some key names:
– Jeremy Bailey (artist)
– Ruth Catlow (curator)
– Heather Corcoran (curator)
– Daphne Dragona (curator)
– Mary Flanagan (artist)
– Mathias Fuchs (artist)
– Alex Galloway
– Marc Garrett
– Corrado Morgana
– Anne-Marie Schleiner (curator)
– David Surman (artist)
– Tale of Tales (artists)
– Bill Viola (artist)
– Emma Westecott

A-M Schleiner – Cracking the Maze 1996

Barbican’s travelling exhibition Game On 2002

Laboral’s exhibition trilogy; Gameworld 2007, Playware 2007, Homo Ludens Ludens 2008’s Game Art programme


Detournement – an overturning of the established order, hacking culture…

Metagames – games about games and gaming

Kuso-ge – shit games


Joseph DeLlappe – Dead inIraq(2006 – ongoing): an intervention in the multiplayer first person shooterAmerica’s Army, a US Army recruiting tool. DeLappe types the names of deadUSsoldiers into the game’s chat function, disrupting normal game flow.


Artgames vs Game Art

Artgames: novel interfaces, non-mainstream narratives, retro-visual language, experimental gameplay, rapidly detourning mainstream game expectations, the ‘art house films of the game industry’, free from commercial restraints, innovate, experiment and play with genre and media

Eg Progress Quests 2004 – a parodic game which removes gameplay. A self playing Role Playing Game with the visual language of an Excel spreadsheet. Removes the player entirely from the equation. Other than initial character setup, the game plays entirely without user input – a conceptual joke

Eg jmbt02’s Achievement Unlocked 2009, This is the only level 2009 – question  the nature of specific game mechanics, player reward and play culture through gameplay.


Game Art: any art in which digital games played a significant role in the creation etc. The resulting artwork can exist as a game, painting, photograph, sound, animation, performance etc

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