Anita Sarkeesian

Female political remixers such as Elisa Kreisinger and Anita Sarkeesian ( produce subtle and vernacular remixes of pop cultural content as queer narratives are omitted from the academic writing of remix history altogether. Calling herself a “pop culture pirate”, Kreisinger’s Queer Carrie series (2010) are five-minute remixed episodes of entire seasons of Sex in the City with heteronormative sentiments omitted. Inspired by Sloane’s Star Wars: Too Many Dicks, Sarkeesian created Video Games: Too Many Dicks remix video to satire the lyrics of an ironically sexist rap song by Flight of the Concords.[24] By creating a montage of first person shooter video-gaming footage from thirty-nine video games, she critiques the dominance of male characters and lack of female representation in these ultra-violent games.


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