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Myfanwy Ashmore

Grand Theft Love Song – 2010

Grand Theft Love Song is a machinima video work where the video game Grand Theft Auto IV: Liberty City was played in order to create specific movements that elicit a sense of contemporary dance. The game controller and video editing software are used to create a new kind of machinima choreography.


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Cao Fei

Cosplayers 2004

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Varvara Guljajeva

Echoes, 2008

A Crazy Multiplayer Pervasive Game.

Game-play: a crazy guy, who escaped from a mental hospital, has to run across the streets of the city, searching, retrieving and recognizing sounds in a race that will take him either to his freedom, or back to the mental institution.
The doctors need to follow the fugitive’s track based on the pictures they receive and trap him before he finds his common sense and thus, becomes cured.

Technology: two Sony Vaio UX180P Micro-PCs (UMPCs) which run the Windows Vista and provide built-in camera support were used. A compact flash RFID reader interface card was attached to each UMPC.
After reading a RFID card a crazy guy is able to take a picture. The picture is automatically uploaded to Flickr and sent to the doctors.

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Nik Hanselmann, Greg Niemeyer & Joe McKay

The Return of Balance

– Interactive pad to stand on, by leaning in certain directions viewer can bounce the virtual ball into hoops on the screen in front of them

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Jason Rohrer


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Jonathan Blow

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Nik Hanselmann


bodily movement is translated into +,-,[,],. brainfuck commands

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