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Anita Fontaine

CuteXDoom II – 2008

Often interactive, Fontaine’s work allows us to be both a participant and a spectator. CuteXdoom II presents the second level of the computer game modification CuteXdoom, first exhibited in 2004. In the first level of this game, the avatar (virtual character) ‘Sally Sanrio’ becomes intrigued by a popular and ‘supermodern’ religious cult called CuteXdoom, the followers of which believe ‘the possession and worship of cute material objects will ultimately lead to happiness’. Separating itself from the plethora of violent shoot-em-up videogames, CuteXdoom drew on the imagery and paraphernalia of kawaii (Japanese aesthetic of ‘cute’) and otaku (obsessive fan-based culture of anime and computer games). CuteXdoom II continues these themes by further exploring ideas of obsession and fanatical ideologies.

In Fontaine’s new level of the game, the world becomes increasingly surreal and distorted when ‘Sally’ realises she has been poisoned. Players must fight the effects of the poison in order to find the antidote and to achieve freedom beyond the confines of the cult.



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Varvara Guljajeva

Echoes, 2008

A Crazy Multiplayer Pervasive Game.

Game-play: a crazy guy, who escaped from a mental hospital, has to run across the streets of the city, searching, retrieving and recognizing sounds in a race that will take him either to his freedom, or back to the mental institution.
The doctors need to follow the fugitive’s track based on the pictures they receive and trap him before he finds his common sense and thus, becomes cured.

Technology: two Sony Vaio UX180P Micro-PCs (UMPCs) which run the Windows Vista and provide built-in camera support were used. A compact flash RFID reader interface card was attached to each UMPC.
After reading a RFID card a crazy guy is able to take a picture. The picture is automatically uploaded to Flickr and sent to the doctors.

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David Kraftsow


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Cory Arcangel

Super Slow Tetris – 2004

A hacked Tetris game to elongate

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Mary Flanagan

Layoff – 2009

– LAYOFF uses a simple casual game paradigm to comment on the current state of the US financial crisis. Both friends and strangers face tough times in an unstable economy. Part dark humor, mostly grim portent, in the game players play from the side of management needing to cut jobs, and match types of workers in groups in order to lay the workers off and increase workforce efficiency.

Play the game here

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Mightier – 2009
developed by Lucas Pope and Keiko Ishizaka

– Users solve puzzles by physically drawing solutions on paper and scanning them into the game via webcam

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Jetro Lauha

Racing Pitch – 2006

– A microphone-controlled toy car racing game in which the gamer controls the car by making car noises



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