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Hugh Francis

Film clip for Brisbane band Teleprompter


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Baden Pailthorpe

Untitled – 2o11

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Pachinko Pictures

GameCity:Squared – 2009

Celebrating the 4th GameCity Festival in Nottingham ( GameCity:Squared is Classic games re-imagined in just 15 Pixels

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Brody Condon

Suicide Solution –

more than fifty ‘first person shooters’ commit suicide, undermining not just the object of the game but also alluding to charged connotations around suicide (attacks).

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Eddo Stern

Kinetic Shadow Puppets (after Narnia,Segeal, World of Warcraft and Iraq) – 2007

Game Aesthetics

Made of Plastic, Paper, Electronics

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Cao Fei

Un-cosplayers, 2006

– photographs of Beijing residents wearing role-playing costumes. The project revisits the theme of her 2004 COSplayers film, which captured Chinese youth acting out anime fantasies

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Cory Arcangel & Paul Davis

NES cartridges reprogrammed with some photographs of Buffalo NYC

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