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John Paul Bichard

Art of War – 2006 – 07

Documentary war footage
Art of War comprises two video works that explore how representations of violence are constructed through contemporary media and how we interpret them from our safe consumerist perspective. The works blur the convergent discourses that inform them: the war movie, the warzone documentary, the news clip, overlaying them with questions of authenticity and complicity. In a warzone where lasers are substituted for real bullets and blood and guts are imaginary, the gaze of an outsider provokes performance and curiosity in those who would play at war.


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Jeremy Bailey

Nam June Paik for Tate Liverpool – 2011

Colours of the Spectrum – 2010

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Ludic Society

Objects of Desire, 2008

–  guide a Neo-Situationist’s walk through an invisible city of electromagnetic waves. The play-map constitutes of real names of Wireless Access Points, found during a “WIFI-Sniff” through the city of Gijon. Names of actual urban WIFI zones are tagged like street-names in the exhibition space while aether waves with the same subjective names are also superimposed on the arts space, as play ground.
– using game consoles, players are aiming to track tagged objects that wish to be moved home. The objects contain stories, desires and obsessions.

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Troy Innocent

Urban Codemakers, 2011

– develop a visual language for urban codemaking, IDEOTAG laser cut design and connect these with a street game for the Urban Codemakers
–  Their urban renewal project sought to rezone the city through play. It consists of three guilds, street signage, 100+ blog posts, four blogs, a street game, 768 IDEOTAGs, a public demonstration, a public information video in Federation square, a series of academic articles, and three urban planning proposals for the City of Melbourne.


Troy Innocent is a media artist based in Melbourne



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Tiago Martins, Ricardo Nascimento & Andreas Zingerle

Headbang Hero, 2009
– Music/dance videogame for testing and improving your headbanging prowess
–  Using a wireless motion-sensing wig as game interface, anyone – regardless of how much hair they have – can become a Headbang Hero
–  When the game ends the player receives a printed health report based on his performance analysis. Included in this report are tips on how to improve the performance and advice on how to avoid injuries.





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Martin Bricelj

Public Avatar
–  project documenting the relationship between virtual reality and our perceptions of self and society
– global audience to explore real-world locations remotely, and to interact with objects and people in those locations through real-time control of a human test subject
– available online on special events during the year
– Users will be able to see and hear what Public Avatar sees and hears via live video stream
– Public Avatar seeks to turn the virtual back into everyday reality, replacing polygons and pixels with a human being in a real-world location, albeit under computer control.

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Bit Shifter

Bit Shifter operates with a standard Nintendo Game Boy as a means of exploring the aesthetics of economy, pushing minimal hardware to its maximum.

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