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Myfanwy Ashmore

Gameboy Portraits – 2007


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Eddo Stern

Kinetic Shadow Puppets (after Narnia,Segeal, World of Warcraft and Iraq) – 2007

Game Aesthetics

Made of Plastic, Paper, Electronics

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Troy Innocent

World Machine, 2010

-Its function is to transmutate the city streets to provide a suitable habitat for Ludean lifeforms. At its core are seven tags that appear in scenes that are at once familiar and alien; simultaneously read by humans and machines; augmenting and mutating urban space.

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Cory Arcangel and Paul Davis

– Cory Arcangel: Computer programmer, web designer and digital media artist (in Brooklyn)
– Paul Davis: Musician and artist, collaborator, “uses computer game hacking to bridge the gap between computers and art”
– Both are part of BEIGE; a multimedia programming collective and record label–2

Nintendo installation 2001, 3 hacked mario cartridges which were reprogrammed to show images of hockey fights while playing a 3 channel sound work.


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