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Anamanaguchi makes music with a hacked NES from 1985


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nothing. (nowhere) – 2010

uses heavily pixelated video (amongst other forms of edited video) and often shoots from a role-playing game (RPG)  point of view

Reighna is Brisbane artist, Hugh Francis
” Reighna combines sound with the use of visuals to further add to the listeners building emotion.  By triggering and mixing video live, reighna is able to create videos that morph, twist and explode in time with the pulse of the audio.



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Dot.AY is a no holds barred assault of Game Boy bass from Brisbane, Australia. Delivering an oxymoronic live show of music that is simultaneously dark, brooding, humorous and uplifting in an all round interactive electronic party.



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Rubijaq is a Brisbane based Australian chip musician. Using solely Nintendo Game Boys, he creates grungy, noisy and all-around bass heavy tracks

Dust by Rubijaq




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Hugh Francis

Film clip for Brisbane band Teleprompter

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Pachinko Pictures

GameCity:Squared – 2009

Celebrating the 4th GameCity Festival in Nottingham ( GameCity:Squared is Classic games re-imagined in just 15 Pixels

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Jeremy Bailey

Nam June Paik for Tate Liverpool – 2011

Colours of the Spectrum – 2010

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