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Cao Fei

Cosplayers 2004


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Baden Pailthorpe

Other v2.0 – 2009

– video game portraits
– Lambda print on metallic paper, face mounted on glass and aluminum, 118 cm x 83 cm
– provoke a pre-reflective response from the viewer.
– political and social commentary demands from the spectator as a critique of the political and moral propaganda insidiously contained in these games, the hollow faces of his virtual casualties implore the viewer in a way that provokes the viewer to feel both pity and fear.





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Cao Fei

Un-cosplayers, 2006

– photographs of Beijing residents wearing role-playing costumes. The project revisits the theme of her 2004 COSplayers film, which captured Chinese youth acting out anime fantasies

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Tasrill Sieyes

– Second Life, avatar artist

Duchamp’s ‘Nude Descending a Staircase’ in avatar/3d form

Another of Sieye’s avatars


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Matt Rhodes

– from the game Dragon Age 2


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Michael Kutsche

– Works in both digital and traditional art media
– Works for SEGA (amongst others)

SEGA’s Viking, Skarin –
Completely done in Painter X and Photoshop CS3, no use of 3d

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Kerem Beyit
Turkish artist, uses video games as art mediums
graphic and illustration studies, book covers and local comics.

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