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Baden Pailthorpe

Untitled – 2o11


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Troy Innocent

World Machine, 2010

-Its function is to transmutate the city streets to provide a suitable habitat for Ludean lifeforms. At its core are seven tags that appear in scenes that are at once familiar and alien; simultaneously read by humans and machines; augmenting and mutating urban space.

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Troy Innocent & Indae Hwang

Noemaflux, 2010

– creating new experiences of urban space and ways of seeing the city
– the term ‘noemaflux’ expresses the experience of being in a mixed reality where perception is changed via digital interventions into the real world
–  Players use mobile devices to explore streets and laneways and find augmented reality (AR) markers integrated into the urban environment. These act both as signposts that indicate the space of the work and as gateways into the artificial world.
– urban spaces are reinvented and inscribed with new meaning via a mixed reality. In this new space, the main street and adjoining laneways of the city of Ogaki are populated by media creatures from the Micronation of Ludea

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Into The Pixel

Annual Art Exhibition of the art of video game
– showcases the best concept artists in the industry
– held in California

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Say Oh & Matt Kim

Paper World Game


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Matt Rhodes

– from the game Dragon Age 2


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Michael Kutsche

– Works in both digital and traditional art media
– Works for SEGA (amongst others)

SEGA’s Viking, Skarin –
Completely done in Painter X and Photoshop CS3, no use of 3d

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