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Ian Bogost

A Slow Year

– game about meditation – goal is to observe
– a collection of four games – one for each season
– these games are neither action nor strategy: each of them requires a different kind of sedate observation and methodical input


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Baden Pailthorpe

– Australian artist based in Paris
– his work exploits the elasticity and malleability of technologies such as video games, websites, photography and other media objects.
– Pailthorpe explores the cultural and political contexts that produce these ubiquitous technologies, teasing out hidden meanings and diverting intended uses

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Eddo Stern

Runners: Wolfenstein,  2002
– interactive computer installation
– recontextualized popular WW2 computer game allowing Israeli players to invade Nazi Germany and attack Nazi soldiers on three large projections
– Three modified iterations of the war fantasy game “Return to Castle Wolfenstein” are controlled simultaneously through a re-wired game joystick interface


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Cory Arcangel

F1 Racer Mod, 2004
– A simple mod of the old Japanese Famicom driving game F1 Racer.  The game, cars, etc, were all taken out so only the road was left.

Super Mario Movie, 2005
– A 15 minute movie made with Paper Rad programmed onto a Mario Brothers cartridge

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