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Baden Pailthorpe

Other v2.0 – 2009

– video game portraits
– Lambda print on metallic paper, face mounted on glass and aluminum, 118 cm x 83 cm
– provoke a pre-reflective response from the viewer.
– political and social commentary demands from the spectator as a critique of the political and moral propaganda insidiously contained in these games, the hollow faces of his virtual casualties implore the viewer in a way that provokes the viewer to feel both pity and fear.






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Eddo Stern

Runners: Wolfenstein,  2002
– interactive computer installation
– recontextualized popular WW2 computer game allowing Israeli players to invade Nazi Germany and attack Nazi soldiers on three large projections
– Three modified iterations of the war fantasy game “Return to Castle Wolfenstein” are controlled simultaneously through a re-wired game joystick interface


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Feng Mengbo

The Long March: Restart

– Chinese artist Feng Mengbo
– Mashes up elements of popular culture with Chinese political imagery to make arresting aesthetic statements
– Hacking video games to transform them into political commentary, such as his Taking Mt. Doom By Strategy, which combined the video game Doom with the cultural revolution’s opera Taking Tiger Mt. By Strategy

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