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Pachinko Pictures

GameCity:Squared – 2009

Celebrating the 4th GameCity Festival in Nottingham ( GameCity:Squared is Classic games re-imagined in just 15 Pixels


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Mark Johns

Space Barnacle
– an ultra-violent pixellated platformer modeled in the 8-bit style
– inspired by NES games, has the alluring super-pixellation blocks with a little more modern video game violence added in




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Random is William Rickman, a chipmusic composer and live performer from Stockholm, Sweden.


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Digital musician and artist who plays with games audio

A link detailing how to appropriate sound in gameboys

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Blip Festival

Blip Festival – An annual 8-bit music festival showcasing the biggest talents in this area

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Bit Shifter

Bit Shifter operates with a standard Nintendo Game Boy as a means of exploring the aesthetics of economy, pushing minimal hardware to its maximum.

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8-Bit Operators

8-Bit Operators: The Music of Kraftwerk was released in 2007 by the group 8-Bit Operators on Kraftwerk‘s US homelabel Astralwerks and EMI Records worldwide. It features cover versions of Kraftwerk songs by several prominent chiptune artists

Over 20 of the biggest 8-bit international names in 8-bit chip music, all utilizing the hardware of re-tooled, classic Game Boys, Ataris, Nintendo Entertainment Systems, circuit-bent toys, Commodore 64s and Apple II computers.

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