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Jonathan Harris & Sep Kamvar

We Feel Fine – Since August 2005

– An exploration of human emotion, on a global scale

– a program that scans all blogs every few minutes for sentences that contain the words that contain “I feel” or “I am feeling”

– Uses public profiles for age, gender etc. “For those blogs where the blogger specifies their location, since we know the date and time of the blog post and the location of the blogger, we can use publicly available weather databases to find what the weather was that day.”

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An interview on’s practice.

Really interesting, but more to do with data as medium and computer /internet hacking.

Ludic Society

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Objects of Desire, 2008

–  guide a Neo-Situationist’s walk through an invisible city of electromagnetic waves. The play-map constitutes of real names of Wireless Access Points, found during a “WIFI-Sniff” through the city of Gijon. Names of actual urban WIFI zones are tagged like street-names in the exhibition space while aether waves with the same subjective names are also superimposed on the arts space, as play ground.
– using game consoles, players are aiming to track tagged objects that wish to be moved home. The objects contain stories, desires and obsessions.

Troy Innocent

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Urban Codemakers, 2011

– develop a visual language for urban codemaking, IDEOTAG laser cut design and connect these with a street game for the Urban Codemakers
–  Their urban renewal project sought to rezone the city through play. It consists of three guilds, street signage, 100+ blog posts, four blogs, a street game, 768 IDEOTAGs, a public demonstration, a public information video in Federation square, a series of academic articles, and three urban planning proposals for the City of Melbourne.



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Monsieur Cabinet

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Jack Elston, Cory Dixon & Maciej Stachura

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Roomba Pac-Man

– Three computer scientists at Colorado University programmed several Roomba robotic vacuum cleaners to act like Pac-Man and the ghosts which chase him.
– Jack Elston, Cory Dixon, and Maciej Stachura did so in order to demonstrate the unmanned aerial system that they are developing.

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Rooster Teeth

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– production group that specialize in the creation of live action shorts and machinima, or films created using real-time, interactive engines from computer and video games

– most known for their series ‘Red vs Blue’ – a comic science fiction series using video game visuals (Halo)

– also started a series ‘Immersion’ this year,  test the concepts of video games in real life

Brody Condon

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Death Animations, 2008

– 9 dancers outfitted in fantasy armour- slow motion combined with movements based on computer game death animations
– Performers simultaneously blasted with high volume binaural beats reputed to induce out of body experiences
– Closely linked to Condon’s past works utilizing modification of existing computer games, as well as performative events with medieval re-enactment and fantasy live action role playing subcultures.
–  Death Animations was a re-interpretation of a Naumann work through the lens of “New Age” ideas such as astral projection, as well as computer games and recent foreign conflict

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